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How to use effectively for job search and applications?


Here are the keys to successfully navigating your next job search on Follow these simple guidelines to achieve success in this strategic tool of job-hunting. Like any tool, its usefulness can be optimized. In order to get the most out of you should:

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Why Should We Hire You?


Why should we hire you? Why should you be chosen over others who may have stronger qualifications or experience?

To answer this type of question, it is vital that you know yourself, your strengths, your skills and abilities and be able to communicate these characteristics effectively.

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Type of rooms


In hotels we find variety of rooms; brief outlines of each of those are as follows –

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Qualities of front office staff


As front office is a critical department in a hotel in view of its revenue generating capacity and influence in image-building, the staffs working in this department assume a special importance.

Great care is taken in the section of front office staffs as they play certain key roles as –

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An introduction to front office

The front office in a hotel is a department responsible for the sale of hotel rooms through systematic method of reservation followed by registration and assigning rooms to the guests. The front office holds prime inputs in view of the basic nature of business of a hotel. Continue reading “An introduction to front office”

Food plan

There are various food plans which the hotel offers to the customers. The various plans are –

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Classification of hotel

Hotel can be classified under the following criteria – Continue reading “Classification of hotel”

History & Origin of Hotel Industry


Hotel can be defined as a place where a bonafide traveler can receive food and shelter provided Continue reading “History & Origin of Hotel Industry”

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